"Something Wicked..." Episode 4 of House On The Hill:

The girls go to extreme measures to find out why Vince has suddenly become so reclusive. Bart the zombie continues his journey up the hill to the mansion only to encounter the road's little sentry.


Edit 1 of "The Lady of the House" - Episode 3 of House On The Hill:

Kyle has an encounter with one of the mansion's ghosts. Vince hires a ghost hunter to investigate. Tiffany's cousin Tabitha arrives and settles in. Miranda sends the zombie out on a mission to do her dirty work.


Episode 2 - "Dead Men Walking":

Bartholomew Tucker leaves his earthen grave. Vince's new agent and the town's welcoming committee pay the mansion a visit. Tiffany comes up with an idea that Vince doesn't like.


Trailer for Pilot:







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