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VINCENT: A likeable aging rock star and new owner of the ghostly estate,  Poulter Mansion. Vincent Van Dahl, know throughout the world as "Vince Vandal" was the founding member of the rock band "Prince of Darkness." Despite the fact that the band has been active for many years, they still continued to produce material, tour and generate a sizable income from a large fan base. That is, until one day Vincent decided that he hated the sound of the guitar, despised rock and roll and resolved to retire away to the country. Reluctantly joining him were his three friends and housemates:

TAMARA: The brains and ringleader of the three girls. Usually the one that concocts the mischief that the other two girls follow. A skilled musician herself, she is adept at using a bow and arrow as well as knife-throwing because, as rumor has it, she once toured with a circus. Holds Vincent in high regard for his history and musical accomplishments, but often sets those feelings aside while she's scheming.

TIFFANY: A sweet and happy girl who's naivety often gets her into trouble. While she'll often try to avoid problems by pointing out the faults in one of Tamara's schemes, she is simply too gullible for Tamara's sharp-witted explanations. Enjoys shopping and reading historically-based romance novels.

TANGELA: A shy blonde that is always smiling and is enthusiastic about everything, but is seldom heard and never speaks out loud. She communicates primarily by shaking her head yes or no rapidly, though if she needs to communicate further, she will whisper into one of the other girl's ears. Has a knack for building explosives, picking locks and hot-wiring cars.

LIVINGSTON: Vincent's valet, chauffeur and butler. Having worked for Vincent for many, many years, Livingston has a knack for anticipating Vincent's needs before he even knows what he wants. While he does not condone the antics that occur in the mansion, he will often overlook these transgressions and many times will offer suggestions that will get Vincent and the girls out of trouble. 

MIRANDA: 12 year-old girl from the village below. Loathes the fact that Vincent purchased the abandoned mansion because she previously used it as her personal playhouse. Knows more about the manor than the current occupants including the locations of the many secret passageways. Often spies on Vincent and the girls in an effort to find dirt on them which she could report to the authorities or tries using pranks and sabotage in an effort to get them to abandon the mansion.

KYLE FLETCHER: Vincent's naive young talent agent. Was assigned by the agency shortly after Vincent's former agent retired and coincidently when Vincent decided to leave the band and move. While Kyle knows that he is not the reason Vincent retired, the people at the agency believe he is and have put him under enormous pressure to convince Vincent to return to L.A. and the band.

Poulter Mansion: A 20,000 square foot, 19th century Victorian mansion. Situated on 400 acres of hilltop property, the mansion overlooks The Village Below. Built in 1875 by shipping magnate Henry James Poulter, the mansion has had a large succession of owners and tenants who have roamed its haunted halls. After the last of the Poulter family moved out of the mansion in the 1930s, the mansion has been sold for a fraction of its worth each year since, with the residents eventually always leaving in horror without taking any of their possessions.